Jantea & Associates is a law firm incorporated pursuant to Romanian law and legally authorized by the Romanian National Union of Bar Associations (RNUBA) and Bucharest Bar.

Established in the year of 2000, Jantea & Associates employs currently a well-trained team of attorneys.

Striving to provide highly-efficient legal services, our long-term clients benefit from continued collaboration by means of periodical meetings aimed at settling current judicial problems.

We believe in a deep connection with our clients meant not only to understand accurately their needs, but also to present them with practical and useful solutions on all types of judicial problems they might be confronted with.

Furthermore, we believe in the importance of personalized services and a strong attorney – client relationship.
Our practice extends to all sectors of the civil law, legal counselling of national, foreign, and multinational companies keen on pursuing business in Romania. Our clients belong to all fields of activities, and range from medium companies to banks and companies belonging to multinational groups. Our law firm has completed a large number of projects extending from supply of unabridged legal services to new and direct investments, acquisitions/privatizations, funding and guarantees, national and international commercial transactions, negotiations and litigations.

We perform our activity as an integrated team of specialists, which consists of attorneys and an adequate support infrastructure (administrative/secretary personnel, part-time employees). We maintain close contacts with qualified professionals such as public notaries, technical experts, accountants, or financial consultants. Our legal assistance and consultancy services are also available in English.

Our professional services for all cases and projects are overseen by and notified to attorney Monica Carmen Jantea, coordinator of the law firm.


Monica Jantea

Monica Jantea

Member of the Bucharest Bar since 2000;

Master’s degree in Communications and Public Relations;

Areas of expertise: Corporate, Real Estate, Protection of personal data, Insolvency, Mergers and Acquisitions, Labour Law, Litigations;

Email: monica.jantea@jantea-law.ro

Adela Nuţă

Adela Nuta

Member of the Bucharest Bar since 2012;

Master’s degree in Business Law;

Areas of expertise: Corporate, Media and Communications, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Protection of personal data, Insolvency, Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigations, Criminal Law;

E-mail: adela.nuta@jantea-law.ro